Pothole problems in the Tri-State

By Dan Wells – bio | email

CINCINNATI (FOX19) – From West Chester to Florence, drivers are complaining about the rapidly increasing number of potholes in the area, not to mention what those potholes are doing to cars.

"I haven't noticed that many yet but I'm sure that we are going to see them more," said a local driver.

"I've probably hit too many to count," said another.

As you can imagine, potholes are a huge money pit for drivers whose auto suspension is out of alignment, broken, or worse.

"We're typically seeing five to ten a week since the snow has melted, we're seeing a lot more than we did last week," said Joe Sanfillipo of USA Collision Centers.

For Sanfillipo, repair work is jumping this time of year. He showed a car suffering from pot hole damage.

"This individual car is a Chevy Cobalt and what happened is the tire was under inflated, so when they hit the pot hole was happened was the tire flexed, more than it should have, if it had been properly inflated, she (the driver) got a slight cut in the side wall causing the driver to lose control, they slid off the road, there's heavy impact in the front, then down the side," he said.

So why haven't more potholes been filled in?

Well, many have workers from around the Tri-State have been working day and night to repair the problem, but it is a big job.

Here are some tips from AAA for when encountering a pothole:

  • Avoid swerving; swerving can cause loss of vehicle control.
  • If a pothole can't be avoided, slow down hitting a pothole at a high rate speed increases the chance of damage to the vehicle.
  • Rolling through a pothole is better than braking rapidly.
  • Properly inflate your tires and finally, avoid puddles they may conceal a deep pothole.

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