Ebay fetishes

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19/WOIO) - Have you checked-out Ebay lately? It's no longer just for antique hunters or for getting a good deal on electronics. Ebay is getting downright dirty.

Ebay is helping people feed their fetishes. Think of it as shopping in the underbelly of the Internet. It seems there is a huge market for fetish items and they're only a few clicks away.

We found used panty hose, well worn stockings, old worn shoes and even used socks and found it all in Ebay's main selling categories. The words "used" and "worn" are key.

Still, people are finding a way around Ebay's rules to offer up fetish items. According to Ebay rules, listings in Ebay's main categories can't mention fetish. One ad we saw doesn't mention the word fetish, but in the comments section from previous customers, the word "footslave" is used.

Here is another comment mentioning, "suck her toes."

You have to wonder what Ebay thinks is being sold here? We asked Case Western Reserve University for some insight into fetishes.

"A fetish more specifically is if you are getting sexual arousal," said Professor Jennifer Butler, "And have this compulsive behavior to a particular item."

So, is it really true, you can purchase fetish items in Ebay's main seller category? It's also the place where you can buy TV's, computers, and even clothes for your baby. We decided to make a few purchases.

For six bucks we got worn beige tights from France, 23 bucks got us a pair of well worn pantyhose from Tennessee. A few days later our Tennessee package arrived.

Ebay clearly states that things need to be cleaned before they're shipped.

We received our 23 dollars worth of well worn pantyhose.

"So for people who have fetishes that's were the switch happens," Butler said. "You're not looking any longer at the individual who's wearing the fetish object. You're just focusing on the fetish object and the individual becomes secondary and sometimes unnecessary."

So what does Ebay have to say about all this? We did try to contact them, they have yet to respond to our request for an on camera interview.

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