Cincinnati Tea Party holds candidate forum

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WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19)  - 113 Ohio candidates pledged on Wednesday to uphold the core values of the Cincinnati Tea Party.

Dozens of people packed the Lakota Freshmen Campus Auditorium to witness the event.

"Three things that we think resonate with a majority of Americans: free markets, fiscal responsibility, and limited government," said founder of the Cincinnati Tea Party Mike Wilson. "Those things are really common sense. They're not complicated. They've been sorely lacking from our government for far too long."

Each candidate signed a pledge promising to do just that. The group included: 110 Republicans, one Democrat, one Independent candidate and one non-partisan candidate. They're running for just about every local office from Precinct Executive to Congressman. All of the pledges were notarized on the spot.

"It's amazing to get this many people to turn out," said George Brunemann, a Tea Party member and candidate for Green Township Precinct Executive. "To get involved in politics. I would bet over three-fourths of them have never done anything like this before. We just felt it was time to start getting involved."

Anderson Township candidate Sue Hardenbergh agreed.

"I have three children at home," Hardenbergh said. "I just want to take America back. It was founded on principles that our founding fathers established. I think that we've gone astray."

Cincinnati Tea Party members said keeping lawmakers honest is their cup of tea.

"It's going to be us tracking their voting records," said Cincinnati Tea Party President Chris Littleton. "We say that we're lobbyists of the people. We're going to be engaging them; in their offices in Columbus, at their local counties. We're going to be attending those meetings, and trustees, and city councilmen. We're going to go to them as well. There's no level of government that's too small for engagement at this point."

Ohio Attorney General Candidate Steve Christopher agreed.

"I think they should," Christopher said. "I think that if you're a voter, whether a tea party member of not, you have a right to hold the people accountable who you send to Columbus, to Washington or to Dayton, wherever, to represent you. Because that's what they do. They represent you."


Full text of pledge and full candidate list follow:


I pledge to support the following core values and code of ethics:

Core Values

Free Markets

Fiscal Responsibility

Limited Government

Code of Ethics

Show personal and professional integrity in my actions Work within the law Communicate the core values in a positive manner Engage the opposition in a civil and respectful manner Stay informed on issues Lead by example Avoid conflicts of interest Act with transparency and responsibility


The notarized documents will be posted to: http:://

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