Can stun guns really keep you safe?

By Regina Russo bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Personal stun guns are becoming more popular with college students because you can take them places that don't allow conceal and carry.

Jeff Mann, operations manager at Target World in Hamilton County, says you can buy one that looks like a cell phone and some are as small as a pager.

Stun guns are popular, but may be creating a false sense of security because you have to be right on, actually touching the person you are trying to get away from for it to work.  And the stun gun has to touch skin at just the right spot.

"Fingertips, top of hands, where there are more nerve endings to skin has more of an effect, then if you hit at the waist, and if they have a heavy coat on, they may not feel it," said Mann.

Mann says the best form of self defense, outside of owning a hand gun, is pepper spray, but not just any kind. The best is the triple threat - one that has red pepper, CS gas and invisible UV dye.  The red pepper is an irritant and stings. The CS gas attack the mucous membranes and Mann says, "it will actually cause you to vomit or lose control of your bowels." And the U.V. dye makes the feeling hang on for hours.  This assures that you can execute the first rule in self defense and that is creating distance so you can get away.

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