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Two men wanted for allegedly stealing back truck from impound lot

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

BLUE ASH, OH (FOX19)  - It's not often you have a crime where the victim is a local police agency.

Police and court records reveal it all happened the first week in January.

A shiny, new lock now protects the side gate of the Blue Ash Police Department impound lot. A Hamilton County Affidavit revealed Matthew Warrick broke into the lot and stole back his Ford F-250 truck and a trailer. Court records report both were evidence in Warrick's pending criminal case. Records also show Allan McCall was Warrick's accomplice.

Police records list 5959 Kellogg Avenue in Cincinnati as Warrick's address. FOX 19 drove to that address. The address is for an upscale wedding and event planning/corporate catering business called "A Touch of Elegance." Owner Donald Cremering said the pair never lived in his building.

"This was not his home address," Cremering said.

Cremering also gave FOX 19 a tour of his building. He showed us the ballroom and dining room, the bar and the kitchen. Cremering also showed FOX 19 his office and garage on the bottom floor. Cremering said while Warrick and McCall never lived in his building, both were previously employed by him.

"{Warrick} worked for us as a maintenance man, as a dishwasher, clean-up man," Cremering said. "And the last time he worked for us was late January."

Cremering said neither men work for him now. Cremering said McCall was a seasonal employee who stopped working for him in December. Cremering said he fired Warrick on January 29th, after learning about the pending criminal charges.

Court records show investigators found stolen car parts in the business' garage. Cremering said so far police have searched his property twice.

"There was nothing wrong that a Touch of Elegance has done," Cremering said. "What happens to my good name? Does it take 10 years? 20 years? Some people will never forget. "

Cremering said while he understands what Warrick and McCall are accused of, he's had no part of it. Meanwhile, he tells FOX 19 that many of his customers are worried about the perceived association and he's working hard to maintain the reputation he's worked more than 12 years to achieve.

"I feel that my reputation after being a law abiding citizen: never having a record, never having done anything, was raised with the idea to trust the police, when you have problems you go to the police and tell them what your problems are and the police are there to help you," Cremering said. "My reputation has been ruined."

Blue Ash police said both men are still wanted. An indictment has been issued for the pair on 16 various counts.


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