Toyota to make major announcement

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX10) - Coming off a big Auto Expo weekend usually triggers big-time sales at area car dealerships.

And for one brand, under fire the last several weeks, Toyota is truly hoping exposure from the show will help turn things around. Kerry Toyota in Boone County is bracing for some great news.

Toyota is expected to make a major announcement to all dealerships Tuesday. FOX19 can't confirm exact details yet, but it may involve a major sales incentive, something the company has only offered maybe one other time in their entire history.

"Well, they're certainly a little tight-lipped about it," said Kerry General Manager Mark Stein.

Stein said he has no idea what Tuesday's big announcement is.

"I don't know what it is yet," he said. "But I think it'll be worth paying attention to."

Stein is sure about one thing, that it'll make a splash in the market and hopefully one that's big enough to wash away some of the ocean of bad press over sticky accelerators.

"And we're gonna get back to business and show 'em what we can do," Stein said.

Kerry Toyota hadn't even closed out February's sales books yet, but already Stein said he is feeling good about March.

"It's gonna come in like a lion for Toyota yes it is," he said. "We're gonna get back on track."

The Auto Expo did wonders for morale.

"We've noticed a spike in our interest-level already," Stein said.

Kerry has seen a 25-percent increase in traffic and requests for quotes on their website.

"Usually we get a pretty nice spike the week after the auto show," Stein said. "Everybody kinda goes to the auto show one weekend and seems like the next weekend they're out buying."

You might be surprised to learn Stein said, the most asked question at the auto show was not about safety.

"They're all waiting for a deal," Stein said.

Also, how far their dollar will go in a Toyota gas tank.

"I think they appreciate what we're trying to do for them," Stein said. "We certainly appreciate them."

"We learned something, Toyota learned something," Stein said. "I think we learned a lot about our customers and hopefully our customers learned something about us, that we're gonna be there to support them no matter what trials and tribulations may come down the road."

Stein said he will probably get the news via email first thing Tuesday. Keep an eye right here on for the very latest.

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