Getting a better online deal by abandoning your shopping cart

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX10) - Many of us are turning to "e-tailers" to get the job done, especially when it comes to getting a bargain.

FOX19 wants to help you score big time. By simply signing-up, you can make those "e-tailers" work for you. We all know retailers and "e-tailers" have a bottom line to meet. But there are deals to be had.

And "e-tailers" are not opposed to offering you a better deal, you just have to know how to coax if out of them. You could save ten, up to forty-percent.

How many times have you signed-up on a website, but chose not to check the box where the "e-tailer" wants to send you offers and coupons?

Checking this is critical, because it gives that "e-tailer" permission to put a tracking cookie on your computer.

"That's why part of this is so powerful because it's all trackable," said Dave Hatter, our FOX19 Internet guru. He said, from there, "etailers" can follow your every move.

So if you want to save, first you need to create an account, and check that box. For this report, we signed-up on several sites. Next, put one or several items into your shopping cart. But, and this is key, do not complete the sale.

Two days later, we got this email from "The Company Store", and it read, "hey, your shopping cart hasn't been emptied... Yet!" And then offered us 10-percent off, to complete the sale now.

Most companies will offer a 10, up to 40-percent incentive right now to complete that transaction.

"From a shopper's strategy standpoint," Hatter said. "You could literally use this as a tool to save yourself a lot of money."

It's a technique companies call "leveraging abandoned shopping cart recovery," and it accounts for billions of dollars in losses for retailers and "e-tailers" every year.

"They can definitely know, that today between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., 300 unique people viewed that page," Hatter said. "And, they can know that tomorrow between 3pm and 4pm, after they sent out an email about that product, 3,000 people viewed that page."

The industry is actively working to figure out how to turn abandoned shopping carts into realized sales, especially if your clicks show you landed on a site and then stopped.

"Usually, that's an indicator, that either they couldn't figure out how to use your site, it was not intuitive and easy to understand what to do next, or it doesn't seem like you have what they want," Hatter said.

So make it your personal strategy.

"I'm gonna go and I'm gonna shop and I'm gonna pick stuff I would have bought anyway," Hatter said. "I'm gonna put it in my shopping cart, I'm gonna abandon the cart, I've already got an account here, they know it was me because I was logged on when I did it and see if they an incentive and I can buy it at a reduced price, even though I was gonna buy it anyway."

There is a lot of trial and error with this, but if you invest a little time, you could save a lot. The best part about all of this is, it limits impulse buying.

If a deal is really good, like anything else, it's worth the wait.

This forces you to stop and think and maybe decide you didn't really need it or need to spend the money right now.

We should note, abandoning the shopping cart did not work every time with every "e-tailer", but in many cases it did work!

Try it out with your favorite site and email FOX19 and let us know of your shopping success.

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