Specialist Lynnette Hager

This is a picture of our best freind (Specialist Lynnette Hager) that we love so much.  She is the most giving person we have ever known.  I want her to know that we are tatally consumed with thoughts of her everday and that her family misses her so much.  Lynnette is so proud of what she does in the Army and rightfully she should be.  Lynnette has been in the Army for 3-years in the 82nd Airborne division out of Ft. Bragg. North Carolina.  she is the only female Black Hawk Crew Chief in Afghanistan.  She is a paratrooper and a gunner.  Lynnette is a 1995 graduate of Georgetown High School and she is 26-years-old.  We used to e-mail daily until the war started.  She is always strong and promises to come home.  She is brave and ready to fight for our Country.  Please let her know we love her so much and pray for her to come home soon. 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Carla and Ernie Covert, Nick and Brittany Germann, Bruce Bender and Mary Beth Frischholz.