Fairfield Choraliers Host 12th Annual Crystal Classic

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX10) - "It's gotta open up, use the space kids, and use your diaphragms, ok? here we go again, support that sound," said choreographer randy sage.

Fairfield High School's, "Choraliers" are getting one last rehearsal in, their vocal chords fired-up and finalizing all those tricky moves before a big day Saturday.

They'll be performing in front of five-thousand people.

It's like our FOX19 show "Glee" come to life, only way better. Fairfield High School will be the place to be starting first thing Saturday morning.

There'll be plenty of singing and dancing, from hard working young men and women, from Hamilton, Ross, Colerain, Loveland and Lebanon High Schools.

34 show choirs in all, will be performing from six different states. But hosting this 12th annual Crystal Classic, is Fairfield High's Choraliers.

"A 5 and 6, a 5 and 6, ready... breath..."

That's Los Angeles choreographer Randy Sage cracking the whip with Fairfield High's Choraliers.

"No no no no," he barks. "Say the word crazy," he says adamantly, wanting to make sure they get it right.

They've had seven months of practicing and competing and still there is fine-tuning to do.

"I definitely have cracked some whips yes," Sage laughs.

He tells them to work hard at practice, but to have fun on stage.

"Oh yes, very hard," said Jazmine Hazelwood. "It takes a lot of dedication, a lot of practice and I feel like we've worked really hard."

It looked like a lot of fun, but don't kid yourself, the workouts are exhausting, especially for the band members, playing non-stop.

"I'm playing for three hours during the day and then will come in and have rehearsals at night so there'll be days I'm playing for 5 or 6 hours because we have long rehearsals," said trumpeter Mark Kylander.

It's tough trying to talk after that he said. "My face is pretty much melted off," said Kylander.

Many of the kids play sports, have jobs, have homework, yet still make time for the grueling practices.

"I think this is a big deal for Fairfield because it really puts us on the map, we are a strong show choir," said Choral Director Jeff Clark.

Clark said they will not be competing, but hosting the event, so after all of the other schools have gone on, Fairfield will do an encore performance of their award-winning show. The squad to beat? Burbank, California.

"Last year they were the National Champions at Fame New York City, which was one of the top national competitions," Clark said.

"I rock the drum set," said Chris O'Connel. And the beat goes on... for months. "In one season I'd say at least a hundred times if not more."

"My experience with the Choraliers has absolutely been amazing," Hazelwood said. "Oh my gosh my life has changed so much being a part of this group."

"I realized there were kids out there just like me," Hazelwood said. "I just felt so at home and they welcomed me with open arms and ever since then it's been just an amazing experience."

The competition starts at 9am and runs until 4pm. Finals start at 7pm and run until 11pm. Tickets are $10.00 when you buy 9am-4pm. $12.00 just for the finals or $18.00 covers the entire day.

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