Ky. lawmakers work to ban texting while driving

By Regina Russo – bio | email

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Kentucky lawmakers are working to ban drivers from texting and driving.

House Bill 43 has already been approved by the Kentucky House. The legislation also bans teenagers from talking and texting while driving.

However, enforcing the law would be difficult if it passes the Senate.

Several local law enforcement officials believe banning texting and talking while driving is a good idea.

But the ban on cell phone talking while driving is not such a good idea for some drivers, like Travis Eades.

"I don't know how you can legislate a way distraction when you're driving because people are still not going to pay attention, they're still going to daydream, they're still going to listen to their music too loud. You can't police all that," said Eades.

"Talking while driving, that's silly, we've been doing that for a while, but texting, you're not really looking at all. I've heard it causes more accidents," added driver Ashley Theissen.

"I can say specifically we have identified a number of automobile accidents involving texting or talking on the cell phone, being distracted in that nature," said Lt. Col Spike Jones of Covington Police.

And that is the reason why police officers believe a law like this is necessary. After all, driving, by nature, requires focused multitasking. Your foot is on the brake, on the gas, you're looking at traffic in the front and back, and hands are on steering wheel.

You add the distraction of talking and texting, and Lt. Col. Jones says, "Any of that, any of those distractions, can get us off point and our point is to get to point B safely."

Kentucky House Bill 43 is waiting to be brought up in Senate Judiciary Committee.

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