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Clermont asking public about H1N1 response

By Richard Todd email

Batavia, OH (FOX19) - Different counties and states around the Tri-State area handled the H1N1 outbreak in many different fashions after the disease showed up late last summer.  One local county is asking whether they tried the right approach.

Now that reports of new "swine flu" cases have largely subsided, and most people wanting to get the vaccine have been able to do so, Clermont County's health district is asking people to tell them what they think the agency did right and wrong.

The district is surveying people around the county this month to get answers to those questions.  The health departments' release on the survey is below.

Immediate Release
March 9, 2010

How did we do?
Clermont Looking for Feedback on H1N1 Response

Batavia, Ohio.  The Clermont County General Health District needs your help.  The county health district is interested in obtaining feedback pertaining to how the county responded to the H1N1 flu strain.  While vaccinations are still offered, information is being collected to make improvements for the future; planning for such emergencies involves a continuous cycle of developing a plan, training, exercising/implementing the plan, and incorporating lessons learned into the updated plan.  Your response is very important in helping the health community enhance their local response plan.

Even if you did not receive a vaccination, you are invited to complete a brief anonymous survey at; click on the H1N1 Public Survey in the Hot Topics area.

If you do not have internet access, please contact the Clermont County General Health District at (513)732-7499 and a copy of the survey will be mailed to you.


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