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Keeping You Safe: Selling your home

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MASON, OH (FOX19)  - Many homeowners will go to great lengths to try to sell their homes, but are you putting your family at risk in the process?

Realtor Becky Bush has been in the business for years, and is now selling her own home. Bush said safety begins before buyers reach your door. You or your agent should pre-screen potential buyers by getting as much information as you can, including: phone numbers and addresses. And then once buyers are inside, each one should sign a roster. Next, keep an eye on everyone.

"I did have eight people in here the other day that came in with their realtor," said Bush. "They all took off in different directions. I stayed mainly with the buyers. The mother and father. We were fine, but that is something you have to be concerned about."

Another concern? Your prescriptions.

"Hide your medicines," Bush said. "Put them someplace safe so people can't take them."

And don't forget your valuables.

"I like having the locks on my jewelry and important papers so people can't access those areas," Bush said.

Valuables also include important papers such as school records and medical records. Never leave them on top of a desk or counter where strangers could peek through them.

"Your wills, your tax returns," Bush said. "All of that is open for who wants to go and try to find things."

And after a showing, make sure you check your windows and doors.

"After your realtor leaves, after a showing, you may want to go around and make sure windows and doors are securely fastened and locked," Bush said. "Sometimes they will be missed as people are touring your home."

And when giving potential buyers a tour of your home, sellers should also watch out for potential liabilities.

"Just be careful of extra steps," said Bush. "So you {or potential buyers} don't trip on them."

Custom Homebuilder Perry Bush of Perry Bush Custom Homes and Design Inc. also reminded sellers to keep an eye on their home's exterior.

"Make sure the brick is in tact," said Perry Bush. "The shingles are in tact. Things to look for? If a roof is needing repair, you'll see shingles that are curled at the edges."


FOX19 also compiled a list of safety tips from a number of realty websites.

1) Show your home only by appointment only. Do not accept anyone who drops by, especially at night.

2) After your house is listed for sale, never leave a message on your voicemail telling callers you're not at home.

3) Don't put information about your home's security system (or lack thereof) on a flyer or any other marketing materials.

4) Don't leave your mail stacked on the kitchen counter. Besides allowing buyers to grab your personal information and potentially steal your identity, prospective buyers could see the size of your credit card bill and it could later affect the size of their offer.

5) Do not allow your children to open the door.

6) Call the local police department and ask an officer to drive past your home during your open house.

7) When prospective buyers begin to arrive, jot down their car descriptions, license numbers and physical descriptions.

8) When showing your house, always walk behind the prospect.

9) Notify a friend or a relative that you will be calling in every hour on the hour, and if you don't call, tell them to notify the police immediately.

10) Inform a neighbor that you will be showing the house and ask if he or she would keep an eye and ear open for anything out of the ordinary.


Source: National Association of REALTORS® Safety Week kit, and Associated Content


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