Vigil remembers murder victim

Shamon McDavis (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
Shamon McDavis (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
Kelli Walton
Kelli Walton

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CINCINNATI (FOX19) – Twenty six year old Kelli Walton was shot outside her home in 5100 block of Hawaiian Terrace on March 4 while holding her two week old baby girl.

On Tuesday, family and friends and complete strangers mourned that young mother's life.

"She was a mother, she was someone's daughter, somebody's sister, someone's aunt and now she is nothing…she's gone," said Felita Blair, Kelli Walton's cousin.

"We're not just looking at statistics or numbers, we're talking about a human beings life, someone who is not going to be here anymore" says Abdul Bilal, a street worker for the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence.

Walton's ex-boyfriend, Shamon McDavis, is charged with her murder. He also faces a charge of felonious assault because Walton was holding the couple's two week old daughter when Cincinnati Police say he shot her.

"We don't understand, but we are not questioning it, the families have come together to talk about it for the sake of the kids, you know, we put away any disputes any malice we have towards him, it's just going to be a great loss," said Blair.

The baby in this incident was grazed by a bullet, requiring thirty-two stitches across her small head. Thankfully, she survived and is expected to make a full recovery.

"Her name is Chloe and she is two weeks old she is doing fine, she smiles daily," said Blair.

As this candlelight vigil honored a life taken to soon, it also reminded everyone in this small community just how devastating violence can be.

"You can't take away the pain that is going to last a family for a lifetime so we have to find another way to deal with our differences without being violent," said Bilal.

"There is going to be a day when the baby wonders what happened to her mother," said Blair.

Kelli Walton's family says when that day comes there will be no answer to explain the full sense of loss this family has endured.

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