Doctor accused in sword attack has troubled past

Douglas Rank (Source: Kenton County Detention Center)
Douglas Rank (Source: Kenton County Detention Center)

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COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - More information is being uncovered in the case of a Kenton County doctor accused of attacking a patient with a sword.

Dr. Douglas Rank, 51, is charged with first-degree assault after police say he attacked a female patient at his office in Covington in February.

"Normally the assault cases that we come across are not this complicated. It's just that simple," said Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders. "It just starts to snowball I guess in terms of what is actually going on here."

While this may the be the first time Covington Police ever looked into Douglas Rank, it's not the first time authorities have investigated what was going on at his office.

Back in 2000 and 2001, the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, the board that oversees doctors in the state, conducted a number of investigations on Dr. Rank.

Starting February of 2000 and ending in September 2001, the board conducted investigations and suspended Rank's license three separate times.

In May of 2000, the state board ordered Rank to have a chaperone present when treating female patients, and made Rank pay more than $3,000 in fines. In November of that year, the board restricted Rank's ability to prescribe certain medications. And in September 2001, the board also restricted rank's ability to treat a specific patient.

In addition, FOX19 obtained a separate packet of investigations from the state board. In these cases, the board conducted investigations about allegations that Rank had sex with patients and improperly prescribed medications.

There are people who insist this is not the doctor they knew.

"He's actually a good doctor. He helped my dad out. My dad was a drug addict, who needed a change, and Dr. Rank changed him," said Jason McGure. "And there were a hundred patients that he changed, you know, and seen for free."

As for the assault case, a grand jury will soon be deciding if there is enough evidence to indict.

Rank's attorney, Robert Gettys, declined to comment on the medical board's investigations. Gettys says he is also reviewing the documents.

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