Toyota Top Brass in town for crisis management...again

By Regina Russo – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - For her birthday in September, Judith Cobb's husband bought her a Toyota.

"We bring it in, excellent sales people, very happy with it," she said.

So happy with it that while waiting for her SUV to be serviced at the newly opened Joseph Toyota on Colerain, she considered an upgrade, not the bit concerned by the recent recalls.

"I think they're doing everything humanly possible, I think what's happened to them has happened with other dealerships and other vehicles."

And that's what Carl Swope, owner of two Toyota dealerships in Kentucky, wants people to remember.

"Transportation Secretary (Ray) LaHood in testimony a a week ago said, and I quote, 'We've recalled over 23 million vehicles in the past 3 years. The vast majority of them not Toyota,'" said Swope.

And the three thousand repairs on cars, Swope's dealership have done since the recall?

"None of them had the condition that caused all of this to occur," Swope said.

Dealers like Swope got help in their continued crisis management Wednesday from the Senior Vice President of Automotive Operations, Donald Esmond.

Esmond is making a cross country sweep to join local dealers and top Toyota Brass in reassuring customers and potential customers.

"They've been able to fix all the inventory so going into March we've got a full set of inventory," said Esmond.

Esmond says January and February sales were down 8 percent across the country and that the automaker has accomplished more than a million recall units on a national basis.

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