KY state medical board investigated Dr. Douglas Rank

By Sara Celi – bio | email

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19)-- "Normally the assault cases that we come across are not this complicated. It's just that simple," says Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders about the case of Dr. Douglas Rank. The psychiatrist stands accused of attacking a female patient with a sword in February at his offices on Pike Street in Covington.

"The first thing that comes to mind is usually not that the suspect in the case is a medical doctor," says Sanders. "It just starts to snowball I guess in terms of what is actually going on here."

While this may the be the first time Covington Police ever looked into Douglas Rank, it's not the first time authorities have investigated what was going on at 12 W. Pike Street.

In February 2000, the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure concluded Dr. Rank had been sexually involved with a patient. The board then suspended ranks medical licence. In May 2000, as part of the investigation, the board ordered Rank to have a chaperone present while treating female patients. Rank also had to pay more than 3 thousand dollars in fines. The board continued to consider the case through 2001. By July 2001, the board had placed Rank's medical licence on probation for 54 months.

That's not all. In November and December 2000, the board investigated rank for a different case. It found Rank overmedicated a patient, and the state board restricted Rank's ability to treat the patient with certain drugs. By September 2001, the board restricted Rank from treating that patient completely.

In addition, FOX19 has obtained a separate packet of investigations from the state board spanning from 2007 to 2009. In these cases, the board investigated complaints that Rank had sex with patients, improperly prescribed medications, and abused drugs himself. In these cases, the board "did not" take action against Dr. Rank.

And even in light of these documents, there are people who insist this is not the Dr. Douglas Rank they knew.

"He's actually a good doctor. He helped my dad out. My dad was a drug addict, who needed a change, and Dr. Rank changed him. And there were a hundred patients that he changed, you know, and seen for free," says Jason Mcguire.