Jurors hear final Kirkland confession

Anthony Kirkland
Anthony Kirkland

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Jurors in the Anthony Kirkland trial heard the last of his taped confessions to police on Thursday.

During the confession, Kirkland describes more chilling details in Esme Kenney's murder and told police exactly what they expected.

"I, uh, three…I wasn't honest totally," said Kirkland during police interviews.

Detective Bill Herbert then asks Kirkland if there were more bodies.

Kirkland's response was "it was one more."

That one more was Kimya Rolison, who was found burned on Pulte street in Fairmount.

Kirkland says he picked up Rolison in his van. They went to Fairfield park and he paid her $40 for sex. Afterwards, Kirkland says he was jumped by a few men and instead of going to the hospital, he and Rolison got into argument.

Moments later Kimya was bleeding after being stabbed in the neck.

"It was a lucky shot," says Kirkland.  "She kept bleeding and said she couldn't feel her legs."

Kirkland then gave more details in the murder of Esme Kenney, telling Det. Hilbert he had to keep a promise he made to Esme.

"I had to keep my word to her," said Kirkland. "I told her that I would be joining her, that was my word to her."

Kirkland meant that he was hoping to die soon.  Several times during the taped interview Kirkland told police he was going to try and escape or do something that the police would have no choice but to shoot him.

"You're not going to get killed on my watch," said Hilbert. "That's just not going to happen."

Kirkland is wearing a stun belt for the trial after prosecutors convinced the judge he would be a risk to harm himself or someone else.

Closing arguments will be heard Friday in Judge Charles Kubicki's court for the first part of this trial, the guilt or innocence phase. Before opening statements, Kirkland pleaded guilty to the murders of Kimya Rolison and Mary Jo Newton.

If he is found guilty of the murders of Casonya Crawford or Esme Kenney, the death penalty portion will begin.

On Wednesday, jurors heard taped confessions in the murders of Casonya Crawford and Mary Jo Newton. On Tuesday, Kirkland's confession to the Esme Kenney murder were played.

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