Joe Shoemake

Sgt. Joseph a. Shoemake, Sgt. Nuce, Sgt. Sandy these three fine soldiers are based at Fort Thomas, KY 478 th Battalion. Joe (jody) Shoemake is my husband. He is a wonderful father of 7. He is from Williamsburg, Ohio. He has served our country for 21 years. He was deployed to Kuwait and where he is now is anyones guess. He loves being in the army and serving our country and protecting our freedom. I hope he comes home safe. He is missed very much. As you can see from the pictures they love clowning around and really enjoy what they do and i know in my heart that they will return home.

God bless america and thanks to everyone for their support. I love you joe. By the way happy anniversary. Your an angel sent from above.

Denise shoemake