Paul Cordes

Our names are Walter and Paula Cordes of Wyoming, Ohio.  Our son Paul C. Cordes (Wyom. H.S. ' 98 Grad) is 22 and a Petty Officer 2nd Class in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (Aircraft Carrier) and is currently active in the Iraq war (Mediterranean Sea).    He recently sent a picture via email of himself at his station aboard the carrier ... Paul works on the radar and computer systems of  the carrier's aircraft.
Paul recently wrote (email) that many of his shipmates are concerned by the criticism they hear on the radio and national news feeds aboard the ship.... he was thrilled when I told him of your Hero project on Fox 19..... Thank you for doing this tribute and keep up the good work!
... our prayers are with Paul and all the other Tri-Staters that are risking their lives to preserve our freedom and safety.
Walter and Paula Cordes