Rachel Marie Sigmund

My daughter, Rachel Marie Sigmund was just deployed to Kuwait on April 1st.
She left behind a 3 year old son and her husband. She is active duty military, and 23 years old. I am very proud of her going over to defend her country. I am ashamed of the people who are here in this country protesting that women should not be in the army and we should not be fighting for freedom. She has as much right as any man to defend what she believes in. Just because she is a women does not give people the right to refuse to let her do her job. I thought we had equal rights in this country but they want to argue that a women should not be on the battle line.
When 9-11 came and people died, did any one ask if you are a man or a women. If she is attacked she will defend herself as well as any man.
God bless the soldiers every one.