Lcpl Ronald Gunther Jr

My name is Lauren Gunther. My husband, Lcpl Ronald Gunther Jr, is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps.
He joined the marines in December of 2000. We are stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina, at Camp Lejeune. He is deployed with the 24th MEU ( Marine Expeditionary Unit). He has been gone since August 27th of 2002. He was supposed to be home March 15th, then he got extended. He was then scheduled to be home April 27th. However, with all that has gone on in Iraq he is not able to come home. I got a call 2 days ago from him saying he got extended once again. No one is sure when exactly they are going to be home. It was a year on February 1st that we have been married. This has been the most devestating experience in my life. We have been away from eachother more than we have been together since we have been married. Ron and I are both graduates of Harrison High School, in Harrison, Ohio.
That would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
 Sincerely yours,
 Lauren Gunther