Cincinnati due for minor Ohio River flooding

CINCINNATI (AP) - Cincinnati is preparing for minor flooding from the Ohio River, which is swollen from heavy rain over the weekend and melting snow.

The National Weather Service expects the river to crest just slightly above its official flood level at Cincinnati by Wednesday evening, and then recede.

Some residents have pulled out of a low-lying campground along the Ohio east of downtown Cincinnati. But others are choosing to stay put, saying they're not expecting anything nearly as bad as a 1997 flood that put the site under 14 feet of water.

The Hamilton County Engineer's Office has announced three road closures due to high water in Anderson Township - Four Mile Road, Kellogg Avenue (US 52) and Eight Mile Road.

UPDATED River Forecast  & Levels @9am

Markland 42.6', rising to 47.4' Thursday Flood Stage=51'

Cincinnati 50.5', rising to 52.4' Wednesday Flood Stage=52'

Meldahl 47.8', rising to 49.3' Wednesday Flood Stage = 51'

Maysville 49.7, rising 50.4' Wednesday Flood Stage=50'

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