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Flooding draws spectators from all over the tri-state

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The waters of the river continue to creep closer and closer inland, but it's not bad news for everybody. The flood waters have become a real curiosity for folks.

Tri-Staters were checking out the sights at Schmidt Park on the East Side, stopping by, taking a look, snapping a few pictures and comparing this to when it's been a whole lot worse.

"It's really up!" said Tim Baker. That's what brought he and his wife Mary down from Sharonville.

"Yeah," he said. "It gives us something to do, get out get away from home a little while."

They came to check out the rising river.

"Oh my goodness," Baker exclaimed. "It's huge! I've seen it a little higher than this, it's been a few years ago, but I've seen it up on this street here."

The parade of debris flowing downstream is triggering a parade along the river's edge. It's becoming "the" springtime attraction around Schmidt Park.

"We came down just to look at the river because we come down here and ride on the river a lot during the summer and in the fall," said Mary Baker.

Some of the playgrounds and ballfields are underwater. And a red and white understatement, a sign that reads "no parking", is stuck in several feet of water. No parking, unless you're driving a small submarine.

"When we come down the street normally, we come down to here to the water, turn left, in the water, and go down to that little building down there and pay to launch our boat," Baker said.

If you look out, about a hundred yards from the shore, there are three submerged pylons. On a good day, that's the dock where you'd put your boat in the water, right now, it's under about 5 feet of water.

"Yeah, that's where we launch the boat," Baker said.

But not any time soon for these experienced boaters.

"We got stuck on Lake Erie once when it was real rough and it's not fun," Mary Baker said. "It's very frightening."

"Anybody that goes boating in this kind of water is pretty foolish because besides what you see," Baker said. "There's a lot under the water too that you don't see that's really treacherous."

Some of the fishermen are taking their cues from the dozens of geese, who are constantly bobbing their heads in the water for whatever the river brings.

For one man, the waters produced a rather large catfish.

"Well, I guess we'll have to wait awhile before you can bring our boat," he laughed. "Yeah, it's gonna be awhile."

The river is expected to crest Thursday morning just slightly over the flood stage, at 52.1 feet. Folks who live in the low-lying areas already know the drill. Luckily, no one will ever have to refer to this flood, as "The Big One". 

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