Driehaus opposes current health bill

Steve Driehaus
Steve Driehaus

UPDATE - WASHINGTON (FOX19) - A spokesperson for Cincinnati area Congressman Steve Driehaus says Driehaus opposes President Obama's health care reform bill as it currently stands before the house, but could vote for the bill if the language is changed. 

Driehaus is among a group of Democrats that wants stronger language in the bill to prevent taxpayer money helping to fund abortions.  Spokesperson TIm Mulvey says it's entirely possible that the language of the bill will be changed.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Democrat Steve Driehaus, the congressman whose U.S. House district covers most of Hamilton County and Cincinnati,  will vote against President Obama's health care bill because the latest version doesn't do enough to stop tax money from being spent on abortions. 

At the opposite end of the state, one of the most liberal Democrats in the House, who had previously opposed the bill has changed his mind.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland says he will support President Barack Obama's health care overhaul bill when the House considers it.

The Cleveland-area Democrat opposed the bill when the House voted on it last year. But he has been lobbied hard by the president himself, as Democratic leaders try to corral the 216 House votes they need to approve the nearly $1 trillion package.

Kucinich announced his decision Wednesday.

First District Rep. Steven Driehaus of Price Hill announced through an aide he intends to be among Democrats who will oppose the bill because they believe it lacks sufficient curbs on federal financing of abortions. 

Another anti-abortion Democrat, John Boccieri of northeast Ohio says he remains undecided. 

All Republicans are expected to oppose the legislation.

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