Teen rape suspect to be tried as an adult

by Roger Seay - email

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Butler County Judge Ronald Craft ruled this morning that 14 year old Alexis Ramirez will be tried as an adult after being accused of an attack and rape of a 64 year old woman.

Ramirez faces Rape, Kidnapping, Aggravated Burglary, Aggravated Robbery, and Felonious Assault charges in Butler County Common Pleas Court.

The attack happened on January 11, 2010 in the mobile home park where the two lived.

According to the Butler County Sheriff's office the victim was awakened by a knock on her door at around 3 am.  Her assailant then entered her residence demanding money.

She was assaulted with a "long gun," sexually assaulted, then forced to drive her assailant to an ATM machine.  Before reaching that destination, the assailant bailed out of the vehicle and fled with the victim's purse.

Sheriff's Investigators were able to apprehend the suspect later that morning.

Ramirez has been held at the Juvenile Detention Center since.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones released a statement after the ruling.  "This is probably the most horrible, heinous act I've seen committed by an offender this young, and I've seen a lot."

"Anyone old enough to commit this senseless crime against a defenseless 64-year-old lady, should be tried as an adult.  He may be the youngest offender ever to be tried as an adult in Butler County Court, but if convicted, he deserves to be punished as an adult and pay the full adult price for what he did."

FOX19's Tiffany Teasley is following this story and will have more on the Evening News at 6:00.