Local groups rally pros & cons of massive healthcare reform bill

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX10) - Democrats around the tri-state are certainly feeling the heat. There is pressure from protestors not to pass the President's massive healthcare reform bill, unless they want to hold-on to their Congressional seats.

It was a wild day of politicking. People were enraged. Protestors had bullhorns blaring. Some folks who were for the bill, took a more prayerful approach. Each side was trying to get their message out, while there is still time to be heard.

From the President's rallying cry, "We are gonna get this done!" Mr. Obama cried. To prayers of support in downtown Cincinnati.

"We ask our heavenly Father to be with us this day in our hearts," said one woman. Momentum has been steadily building to a Sunday vote.

"We're telling Congressman Driehaus here today, that we've got his back, said David Little. "And we're looking forward to carrying that message to victory this weekend."

Little is with the group "Progress Ohio", who was throwing their support behind embattled freshman Congressman Steve Driehaus, who said he will vote for the President's massive healthcare reform bill.

"We wanna show that these things can be accomplished through prayer and through unity," said Chris Klefeker, with Catholics For Healthcare Reform.

A large group had gathered on Fountain Square downtown.

"We're praying because we're hoping that the spirit will somehow influence our legislators," said Sister Monica McGloin of the Dominican Sisters.

They are all praying for a peaceful passage.

"We don't believe regardless of people's differences and opinions," said Klefeker. "That they should be shouting or they should be fighting."

Party leaders though, are also beginning to decide which politically endangered lawmakers, will be given absolution to vote "no".

Congressman Driehaus supported the bill last year, but faces a bigger re-election threat than most of his colleagues.

"There has never been a bill that's reduced the deficit this much," said a Tea Party member.

Tea Party folks from both sides of the river rallied in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, in Kenton County.

Folks could be heard blowing their horns in support. Protestors say now is not the time for any politicians who want to remain in office, to vote for this healthcare reform bill.

"We want to let them know that if they want to have any chance of staying in office this is not a weekend to pass the healthcare bill that is in front of them, especially by the means they're using," said a Tea Party member through his bullhorn.

There are very few votes to spare. Most Republican leaders concede, the mystery is not so much whether democrats will reach the magic number of 216, but rather whose names will be included as yes votes in the final count.

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