How local representatives voted on health bill

By Richard Todd email

Washington, D.C. (FOX19) - All six of the Tri-State's congressional representatives mirrored the national trend of all Republicans voting against the health reform bill, and most Democrats voting in favor.

In the tri-state, the abortion issue put both Democrats in the small group of congressional fence-sitters almost to the very end.

Southern Indiana representative Baron Hill, and Steve Driehaus, whose district covers most of Hamilton County plus southwestern Butler County, voted in favor of the bill.  Both signed on at the end, as President Barack Obama added an executive order to reinforce the language in the bill that is supposed to restrict the possibility that federal money would be used for abortions.

All the rest of the local representatives, Mike Pence in Indiana, Geoff Davis in Kentucky, and Jean Schmidt, Mike Turner, and John Boehner in Ohio, are Republicans who voted against the bill.

In all of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, the only person who voted against his party's position was Kentucky Democrat Ben Chandler, whose district covers Lexington.  He voted against the bill.