Woman rescues choking mother

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

LIBERTY TWP., OH (FOX19) - When Amber Whitehouse left her house last week, it was just an average day out with her young son.

"Fate had us traveling down the same road that day and I'm glad I made that extra stop and I'm just so happy I was able to help her," Whitehouse said.
Her Tuesday afternoon quickly took a turn she never saw coming.
"Amanda's car caught my attention, something about the way she was driving caught my attention," Whitehouse said.
We introduced you to Amanda Mountel last week, in search of the woman who came to her rescue when she began choking on a french fry while driving her young son on Rt. 747.
"This woman had pulled up beside me and asked me am I choking and I'm shaking my head yes," Mountel said.
Turns out that woman was Amber.
"I threw the car into park and I screamed to her, come here, come here -- at that moment, I said to myself, 'Oh my god this woman's choking, she's going to choke to death,'" Whitehouse said.
But, Amber immediately started giving Amanda the Heimlich maneuver; she'd learned the technique some 12 years ago in first aid class.
"I barely remember doing it, I remember doing some compressions, I was screaming around me because I was so afraid if I couldn't help her," Whitehouse said.
But Amber's help saved Amanda's life; in the busy traffic the women barely got to say goodbye, but, Amber later saw the story in the news and contacted Amanda through email.
"We've become friends on Facebook so now I can go on and look at her pictures and she can look at mine," Whitehouse said.
Now, they're planning to meet in person, a reunion much anticipated by both mothers.
"It could have been me in that car and I'm just so happy I could help another mommy," Whitehouse said.
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