Xavier's athletic success means good financial success

By Dan Wells – bio | email

CINCINNATI (FOX19) – Xavier's recent success in NCAA tournament has had a considerable financial impact on the university.

"Having something (so big) at such a small school and having a great basketball team certainly brings us together," said Justin Beck, a Xavier student.

Basketball and Xavier goes together very nicely.

"I think it does do a lot for the university, in terms of things that we probably couldn't even buy," said Debora Del Valle, director for public relations for Xavier University.

Xavier's athletic success may be attributed to the performance of the athletes and coaches on the court but there's also a dramatic return on investment for the school.

"It helps put the school on the map and it's exposure that we really can't buy to be in the tournament both our men's and women's teams takes your (the school's) name out into markets where people don't normally see it," said Del Valle.

Xavier's men's team is in the Sweet 16 for the third year in a row.

"It's also a big reason, I feel the incoming freshman class is the biggest ever in the school's history," said Mike Sirino, a Xavier student.

"We did see and up tick in applications and an interest in the school because people had seen us there so from a financial aspect as well that have helped us as well," said Del Valle.

The Xavier student book store has also enjoyed stronger sales after years of big wins.

"This time of year every year, things just crazy at this store, we end up needing extra help to get more students in and really it's a great opportunity and an exciting  time clothing sales go through the roof everybody wants a piece  of Xavier this time of year," said Susan Griffin with the Xavier Bookstore.

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