Calorie counting menu at restaurant chains

FOX19's Regina Russo email

Under the new health care reform law, many restaurant chains will have new regulations. Any chain with 20 or more restaurants will have to put calorie counts on menus, menu boards and drive thrus. The idea is so customers can see nutritional information while they're ordering.

When you go to Gold Star Chili, you may take a lucky guess and think your favorite three way of "Spaghetti, chili, cheese is 640 calories." But you may not realize that a "bowl of veggie chili, 160 calories."

But the question is do you care? Jeffrey Mills has been coming to Gold Star since he was 12...I asked him " Would that bother you?"  " No Ma am." "Why?" "The environment and the food here is great."

Charlie Howard, spokesman for Gold Star Chili, says Jeffrey is not alone...Gold Star actually studied this and found. "80 percent don't even look at the menu, even if it's on there they're not going to see it probably."

But for the 20 percent that do care, restaurants like Gold Star, Skyline, and La Rosa's have had this information on their web site, or behind  the counter. But putting this information on a menu and drive thru will not be cheap. " If we had to go from scratch, it's 400 dollars per board."

Gold Star was planning on updating their menu boards anyway, Skyline is waiting to see what the new menus will and should look like.

The policy is expected to affect 200 thousand chain restaurants nationwide.

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