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Meet the candidates in Clermont County

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Local candidates vying for Jean Schmidt's 2nd Congressional District seat talked health care Tuesday night at The Clermont County League Of Women Voters "Meet The Candidates" event.

The forum gave seven people - three Republicans, three Democrats and one Libertarian - the chance to state their case and take questions from the audience about anything that was on their mind.

The candidates came from all backgrounds. There was the mom with a big military family, her three sons graduating from West Point Military Academy, worried about the future of our Armed Forces.

The rest were successful businessmen, in everything from healthcare, to collegiate teaching, to Internet companies to a funeral parlor business.

And when the topic of healthcare came up, their answers were as diverse as their life stories. Here's what the three Republicans had to say about the new healthcare bill.

"This bill is not constitutional," said Republican Debbi Alsfelder. "If if they try to bring it in under the general welfare or the necessary and proper clause that doesn't work because those clauses were not put in the constitution to expand the power of the federal government."

"Government can't be everything for everybody," said Republican C. Michael Kilburn. "But the Liberals and the Democrats want to try and make that the case."

"If we don't stop it now," said Republican Tim Martz. "The government is going to control everyone's healthcare in this country."

As you might expect, the Democrats had an entirely different take on the healthcare bill and the Libertarian candidate also weighed-in.

"While there are aspects of the bill that are very troubling to me as a fiscal conservative," said Democrat David Krikorian. "There also are aspects of the bill that are very good."

"It's gonna take somebody in the United States Congress who understands healthcare," said Democrat Jim Parker. "To save the parts of that bill that are good."

"Our current healthcare system is slated to bankrupt America," said Democrat Surya Yalamanchili. "35-trillion dollars projected over the next few decades if we did nothing for medicare-medicaid spending alone."

"When was the last time a government project ran on budget?" said Libertarian Marc Johnston. "Are we seriously going to believe that medicare cuts are actually going to happen? I don't think so."

The moderator of the event read a statement from Jean Schmidt, who currently holds this Congressional seat, who said she could not make it back in time, given all the events in Washington right now.

The election is May 4th. 

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