Ohio House passes bill to ban texting while driving

Posted by Amber Jenkins - email

COLUMBUS, OH (FOX19) -- The Ohio House of Representatives approved a bill that will ban drivers from texting while on Ohio streets on Wednesday.

House Bill 415 will give law enforcement officers a straight forward method to determine and identify illegal activity by establishing a clear definition of texting. Drivers will be given a six month grace period so that they can be educated about the new law and ease into the transition.

Under the new law, texting while driving would be a primary offence and labeled a minor misdemeanor. Offenders would receive a fine up to $150 dollars.

The law will allow drivers to use text messaging if their vehicle is at a standstill and pulled off the road.

Reports say that drivers are 20 times more likely to get into a crash or a near crash if texting or receiving text messages while driving. The Nation Transportation Safety Administration has reported that text- messaging while driving is two times more dangerous than dunk driving.

The bill will now go to the Ohio Senate for consideration.