Former Miami University student convicted of sexual assault

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

HAMILTON, OH ( FOX19) - Yuyang David Bai kept his composure as a jury found the 4.0 student guilty of gross sexual imposition on a female student on campus, and assault.

"There's no winners in these types of cases, but justice was done," said Assistant Prosecutor Jason Phillabaum.
Bai was taken away in handcuffs with his parents watching, prosecutors credit the work of Miami University Police Officer Jay Young for make this case.
"If it wasn't for his observations, and good work, this case could have been much worse, he walked in on a sexual assault in progress and quite frankly he saved the life of two individuals, specifically the victim," Phillabaum said.
"The young man made a bad choice that night and got caught, and I'm just thankful that I was where I was at the time that I was," said Officer Young.
Bai was found not guilty of aggravated robbery for allegedly trying to grab Officer Young's gun during the struggle.
"It's reasonable that in the struggle [the jury] thought that he was just trying to get away when the gun situation came up," Phillabaum said.
Bai faces probation to three years in prison, and being labeled a sex offender for 15 years to life.
"It appears that this person came from a good family, but it also appears that he made a bad judgement and he will face the consequences," Phillabaum said.
A sentencing hearing for Bai has been set for May 5.
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