Murals of Cincinnati

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) -  A local woman is making a big artful splash. Her massive murals are showing up all over the tri-state.

Her name is Tammy Stephens, and chances are, you've seen her work if you've been in the main lobby of FOX19, where a beautiful, double-panel mural hangs.

Or your kids may have even played on her art.

Like the long brush strokes on the massive canvas at Thousand Hands Park downtown along the riverfront, you are immediately drawn into Tammy Stephens' art.

"I like to have the gradiations happen in long lines," she said. "I love to pull people in on what I'm working on and let them also learn the experience and I learn from the experience when I include others in my work."

She loads up several colors and then drags them across the canvas, to create the illusion of water and light.

"I just love to see how the light plays along the ripples of the water and how the reflections change with the ripples," Stephens said.

In Tammy's original sketch of the mural, there are a few things that are missing from the final product.

Like the dock that had been in front, instead painted as water, to better weather years of climbing.

"As we worked on the Thousand Hands Playground, the whole focus was that every child can play there," Stephens said.

No matter what their abilities.

"And I wanted to include a handicapped person," Stephens said. "They were there and they were all in our society and that is exactly what we want everybody to be a part of."

The kids we saw climbing on the mural/climbing wall, probably had no idea they were scaling a work of art.

At Notre Dame Academy in Park Hills, Ky., three wall-size murals mimic the lone window in the workout room and feature all of the school's sports.

"We did a few body sketches," she said. "It was really fun, we took a bunch of paper and laid it out on the floor and they laid down on there and we drew around each other."

With their paint skirts on, Seniors Alexandra Koblitz and Jordan Hill helped-out.

"It was actually not as hard as I thought," Kolbitz said.

"It was pretty big like doing the background and the basic colors and stuff and having enough paint was a big thing, yes," Hill said.

And at the Remke Market in Fort Mitchell, "They let me re-design the whole store," she said.

It is a slice of surreal life behind the bakery counter, where a giant cherry pie looms over the fresh pies out front.

Real peppers blend in with the salad bar, Or the faux roman arches along the side wall. And in our own FOX19 lobby, a glimpse at the future, right down to the tiara on the as yet completed Queen City Tower.

"That's our hometown area here and we want you to look at that and say that's my, my city," Stephens said.

Some of the murals have taken months to complete. Tammy said she is happy to see scuff marks on the playground mural. It means kids are enjoying her art.

You can see more of Tammy Stephens' fantastic artwork on her website: 

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