Candlelight Vigil in the West End

By Dan Wells – bio | email

CINCINNATI (FOX19) –   Three years ago Sunday, 17 year old Jason Warren was shot to death in the West End.  He was gunned down outside of The Parktown Café on Linn Street.

A community of family, friends and those affected by senseless killings spent Sunday afternoon marching, crying and praying for those taken too soon.

Jason Warren was only 17 at the time of his death.

Jason's mother, Antoinette, has been franticly pleading for witnesses to come forward with information.

"I can't rest until they catch this man I just hope they do more than they are doing right now and help us," said Antoinette Hill.

Vigilant and determined, the group "Who Killed Our Kids" was also a part of this vigil helping Antoinette and others take their efforts to the streets, literally, canvassing neighborhoods, handing out fliers, trying to track down anyone who may have witnessed any of these attacks.

"Right now, we have 6 or 7 killings within one week I mean come on how long are we going to be able to keep going through that I'm scarred for my kids," said an event attendee.

"What's going on this week is totally ridiculous...and senseless it needs to stop, what are gaining do they know how much pain they are bringing to people families where is their heart at," said Hill.

Those attending this candlelight vigil say they will never forget what's been taken from them, they will never stop asking questions about these unsolved murders and they will never let the memory of their loved ones grow cold.

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