Donald George

My Brother Name is Donald George and he is currently stationed in Kuwait. He is in the 2nd Bn Fort Fn . He originally from Cincinnati,Ohio but he is posted in Oklahoma. He is a graduate of Withrow High School. He has been in Kuwait for three weeks now and we (Our mother Patricia White, brothers Damon White,and Jemell George, and sisters Danyell White,and myself Janel White,and his nieces Tellyshia,Whitney,Briana,Tyrena,Jhalysa,Jhaniya,Danielle, and nephews Damon,Darius,and Gerry ) would like to tell him that we love him and we can't wait for his safe return home. We miss him very much, and we're  waiting on him so we can cook his favorite meal.

I do have a photo of Donald but I do not have the equipment to