Cause of death released for Boone Co. teen

Karen Kappelman
Karen Kappelman

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FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - The Boone County coroner's office has released the cause of death for a Walton teen who was found dead outside her home last month.

Coroner Doug Stith says Karen Kappelman, 15, died of hypothermia due to exposure. He says ethyl alcohol intoxication also contributed to her death.

Kappelman's death has been ruled an accident, and there was no evidence of foul play.

In a statement, Kappelman's family says they are, "living an unbelievable nightmare with the loss of our daughter....Karen's life and her death have forever changed our lives."

In the statement, her family says Karen had a friend over to spend the night on Feb. 27. Kappelman's parents went to bed and left the girls watching a movie and eating popcorn. The girls then snuck out of the house.

"Karen and her friend made some poor choices that night that resulted in devastating consequences," the Kappelman family said. "Karen lost her life due to the people involved exploiting a trusting teenage girl."

Kappelman's body was found the next morning in the snow, not far from her family's apartment.

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