Neighbors complain over Rumpke stench

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Rumpke is shelling out nearly $100,000 in fines after neighbors have been complaining about unusually strong odors coming from the landfill.

Neighbors living near the landfill in Colerain Township have long complained about the smell, but say it's been a lot stronger lately.

Rumpke says elevated gas levels are coming from an underground fire.

"We have yet to put our finger on any particular waste that could be causing this we are trying to replicated the conditions in the landfill right here at our lab in Cincinnati," said Larry Riddle, District Manager for Rumpke.

Rumpke is spraying an odor repellant over the landfill and about another dozen changes to help bring levels down.

The EPA will be doing daily air testing to make sure the company isn't violating any health standards.

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