Tasty Tattoos

Lick it and stick it!

As we have seen since the beginning of this campaign support of America's troops  comes in all shapes and sizes.

One of those forms is tattoos; Patriotic tattoos of course. But theses body adornments come with a bit of a tasty twist.

How could you possibly make the American flag represent patriotism and American values any more than it already does?  Well the American flags are going to taste like apple pie, that is as patriotic as you can get.  They're called toung tickling tattoos and they can be made to taste like anything . The idea to create flags that taste like apple pie came at a skyline restaurant about a week ago. "One of the guys from the skyline says we ought to drop a bunch of flags over there and tell them how sweet we are"  said John Schaffstein

The people that market these novelty items say within the next 2-3 weeks they hope to send as many as 30 thousand of these to our troops over seas it is hoped that the smell and the taste can help conjure up thoughts of home. Schaffstein says the reception to his effort to get this done has been a pleasant surprise.

"You get such a different perspective when you actually see the warmth and the reception people have when you try and do anything for the troops" said Schaffstein. I

f things go as planned you may soon see a picture of an Iraqi kid waving around a flag tattoo like this, even better would be the peace tattoos they plan to ship out for when the war is over.