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Prayer walk for peace

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Dozens of parents and community leaders mourning the 1-year anniversary of the murder of a Northside man hit the streets with bullhorns blaring Monday evening.

So, the community is pushing hard to get the word out that enough is enough with all of the violence.

One woman's T-shirt said it all - "Someone I love was murdered, my son."

"We wanted to do something a little different and have a little more impact and we know prayer works," Peggy Harris said. "So we decided to walk and pray, walk and pray, walk and pray and get the word out."

"We come in peace, we come in peace, to live in peace, to live in peace," they shouted and echoed as they marched across Chase Avenue and then on down Hamilton Avenue.

Their message of peace rang through loud and clear.

"Enough is enough, enough is enough," they shouted emphatically. "Ceasefire!"

This Northside community said they have had enough violence.

"Something needs to be done about these guns," said Nanette Marion. "Too many of our boys been shot down like they're animal in the street and they don't deserve it."

"And there goes my son," she said. Marion lost her son Terrance Newell back in October, 2009.

"150, it's 150 on that, 150," she said as she pointed to a printed flier with 150 faces of the murder victims on it. That's how many young people have died in the city, hopeful lives cut way too short.

"Something need to be done about these guns," Marion said.

Some of the cases have been solved and there is a one-thousand dollar reward out for the many cases still left without answers.

"Enough is enough, enough is enough," they said, with guns getting into the hands of kids and kids dying at the hands of other kids..

"They wanna grow up, they wanna grow up...they wanna grow up, they wanna grow up," the group chanted.

"We need a lot of healing because they're a lot of families hurting from all this violence," Harris said.

All of this comes the day after Easter Sunday, a day celebrating the Resurrection of Christ and forgiveness.

"The Lord gave his son for us," Marion said. "I know he forgave his persecutors, so we have to follow, be Christ-like."

The group ended their walk at the District Five police station on Ludlow Avenue, where they lit candles and said final prayers. They hope taking their message to the streets, that it may shake loose some new information and put a face on "who" killed their kids. 

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