Police patrol for drunk drivers

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)  - Police are out in full force on Monday night, looking for Opening Day drunk drivers.

Dozens danced and sang along to the live music at Fat Cats sports bar on Monday afternoon. Police said if you've had a little too much to drink and are tempted to drive, ask someone to pick you up, like a friend. Chad Molster is the designated driver for his group of buddies.

"I'm the designated driver," Molster said. "I'd like to think that I'm up for the challenge."

Others such as Lisa Zoellner are calling a parent to pick them up.

"In the minivan," said Zoellner. "No, they are great people. My parents are."

Or police said please call a cab.

Bars in downtown Cincinnati were packed for Opening Day. Some fans like Theodore Trump started drinking after the game.

"Yes, I've had a little bit to drink today," Trump said. "This is my designated driver right back here."

Many others had started hours before. Joe Herzog started drinking at 9 a.m., but he had a plan in place to get home: a sober girlfriend.

"Early in the morning, she said I will come pick you up," Herzog said. "I said, well, that's a great idea."

And the managers of Fat Cats couldn't agree more. Managers said they never let anyone drink and drive.

"Obviously {the guards} are trained to identify people that may have engaged a little bit too much this afternoon," said Managing Partner Michael Lavery. "And we will clearly put them in a cab or call or cab. We have the numbers to all the cab companies in the city so we make sure they get home and get home safe."

The Hamilton County OVI Task Force includes police from 23 agencies. Officers said they're going to step up patrols and keep an eye on those possibly driving drunk so everyone makes it home in one piece.

Police will be out until 3 a.m. so if you know of someone who's still out partying on Monday night, or see someone who looks like they're driving under the influence, police say call 911.

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