Widmer's lawyer says case will be tried differently second time around

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email
LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - Ryan Widmer sat in Warren County court Wednesday as his defense attorneys met behind closed doors.
"It's our anticipation that this case will be tried very differently than it was the first time," said Widmer's attorney, Hal Arenstein.
Judge Bronson heard motions filed by the Prosecution to throw out subpoenas on the past employment records of  lead Hamilton Twp. detective, Lt. Jeff Braley, on the case.
"We're in the process in some pre-trial motions trying to resolve some matters that have to do with the evidence that could be presented at the trial, and at this time the judge is not in a position to make a ruling so we're going to come back in two weeks and see where we stand," Arenstein said.
After previous delays to the trial defense attorneys says they're set to start on time.
"It's our anticipating that we're going to go to trial on May 10, and we're going to get this matter resolved," Arenstein said.
Widmer was convicted of killing his wife Sarah last year, but was granted a new trial because of juror misconduct, since then he's been out on bond.
"He's keeping it together, he's keeping a very private existence right now," Arenstein said.
The judge set another pre-trial hearing for April 22 , Widmer's new trial is expected to last three weeks.
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