Car seat changes

By Regina Russo – bio | email

Parents like Julie who has a son, James, age 7, that has been out of a booster seat since age 4 can give you a long list why she doesn't like the new law.

"I think really difficult because of the expense, then you have to have it in multiple cars, then that child has a certain position they always have to sit in," said Julie. "Plus you get a lot of cars that are built like tanks.

"Everybody remembers what it's like when they have the car seats for the toddlers to begin with, how hard those are to get in, get out and switch around," said Julie.

Donna Laake, Injury Prevention Coordinator with Cincinnati Children's Hospital, can give you just as many reasons why parents should like the law.

Children too small for seat belts will put the shoulder strap behind them so it doesn't come across their face. If your car is forced to stop going just 25 miles per hour, something has to stop your child.

"That something is a belt," said Laake. "If I got a belt on my belly, it's going to continue to go through my soft tissue, in my intestine, until it stops at my spinal cord."

So how do you persuade a child who's tasted freedom to now accept a little support?

"In a booster seat, they can see out of the window better, friends will be in a booster seat because, it's the law," said Laake.

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