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Auto repair shop is the latest victim of vandalism

By Dan Wells – bio | email

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) – A local auto repair shop is the latest victim of vandalism, again and again and again, and right in the cops' backyard.

It's happened at least a dozen times since the beginning of the year - vandals destroying cars at a Newport mechanic's shop.

It's right in the middle of town, at the corner of Saratoga and 10th streets.

There are busted windshields, missing radios and other damage all over the Budget Auto Repair lot on Saratoga Street.

"They came down here and broke into our cars smashing all the windows, then came back and did it all over again, broke the windows then came back and broke into the cars," said Wesley Leonard.

Budget Auto Repair co-owner Wesley Leonard says he believes the two-year old business was intentionally targeted.

"They just stood up there stomped on it…you can't do that with just one little hit and you would think somebody would hear something, you would think...somebody...something," said Leonard.

Leonard says vandalism like this has happened over and over in the last three months about a dozen times, costing these mechanics more than $20,000 to fix.

"These are my good customers, I have to be reliable, I can't leave them hanging, I don't want to lose them," said Leonard.

The repair shop owners say they're even more frustrated because the Newport Police Station is right around the corner from the shop.

"I wish the police would patrol a little bit more, you'd catch a few of them and detour them from doing it again," said Dave Westover.

Budget Auto Repair will be installing a security system in coming weeks.

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