Reds fans enjoy opening night in their fleecies

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Thousands of Reds fans took part in a brand new tradition Wednesday night. If you were anywhere near downtown, you couldn't miss the Reds Opening Night.

At Great American Ball Park, THE must-have was a Reds logo-ed fleecie. The hope was to make the second game of the season just as good as the first.

It was one of the most festive opening nights in recent memory and if this gives you any idea of the attendance, 20,000 fleecies disappeared fast!

"This is the biggest opening night that I've ever attended at this ball park," said one woman.

"Opening night?" a young man asked. "It's way, way cheaper."

"I think it's a pretty big deal," said another man. "Because it's the first night game of the season and you get to come out maybe see some fireworks."

"Everything in the air and people are optimistic and excited and geeked-up and ready to go and ready to root for the Reds," said another lady.

Fans were geeked-up alright and the fleecies, looking like the more athletic cousin to the popular Snuggies, were the hottest thing going.

"It's great what they did this year," said one fan. "The fireworks, the fleecie, ya' can't get around that."

"This thing is comfortable," said a female fan sporting her fleecie. "You like that?," she laughed.

It was a hot look alright, but for some Reds fans who came a little late to the game, they were out of luck.

"I wanted to get a free fleecie but I think I'm a little bit late but that's ok, we're gonna enjoy Cordell pitching."

"Hang on a second," said one fan with a cell phone glued to his ear. Fans are never too busy to divulge why they've come to the game. "For baseball of course," he said.

"What's the big deal buddy?" a father asked his toddler son. "Reds baseball, start of a new season, say go Reds! Go Reds! Go Reds!"

So, is opening night as big a deal as opening day?

"I don't know," said another man. "We'll see because it looks like a pretty good crowd."

"I feel like every game's exciting here," said one woman.

We ran into a young student who had gotten straight A's and opening night is his reward and, "hopefully a win from the Reds," he shouted.

And not just on opening night, being a Reds fan is an indelible commitment, as we saw one man's arm was tattooed with the Reds mascot.

"I didn't know it was this big a deal, now I know," said a fan on crutches.

Turns out they ran out of the fleecies pretty early and it was almost too warm to be sporting them.

But the even hotter attraction, the huge fireworks display. By all accounts, it was an awesome opening night, except for the fact that the Reds lost, 6-3.

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