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Trial continues in Strutz case

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Trial continued Tuesday in the case of a Delhi man accused of murdering his wife, then cutting up her body.

John Strutz his facing a bench trial for murder, gross abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence in the killing of his wife, Kristan.

Tuesday, the prosecution continued their case by calling a woman who claimed she was dating John Strutz.

The woman - who only was identified as Nicole - said she met Strutz three times. She said they kissed, but their relationship never developed further than that. Nicole testified that Strutz told her that he was not married.

The judge also heard from an officer who investigated the disappearance of Kristan Strutz. The officer testified that whenever he would perform interviews, John Strutz would interrupt him. The officer said it seemed Strutz was not concerned with police finding his wife and did not ask how he could assist in the investigation.

Police learned that Strutz had bought trash bags, and while they were trying to make sure all 50 bags were accounted for, one of the officers found a body part that ended up being Kristan Strutz's torso, in a trash can.

"I opened up the lid and saw what he had opened up one of the bags and there a appeared to be a large chunk of what appeared to be human flesh in that bag," Detective Byron Hunt testified. Hunt was one of the two detectives investigating the scene.

Hunt added, "It was kind of odd that he did not ask if we had found out anything about his wife he didn't question us about what we had done... Or what we were going to do."

Neighbors also testified on Tuesday, agreeing that Strutz's behavior was odd following his wife's disapperance, noting that Strutz had set his trash out on Sunday afternoon instead of Sunday night. One of the neighbors claimed Strutz returned from the Delhi Township Police Department and said, "They (police) have nothing on me."

Strutz claims that he his guilty of all charges, and his attorney says authorities have not determined the cause of death for Kristan and that the evidence does not support a finding of homicide.

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