Council approves funding for streetcar project

Posted by Trina Edwards - email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati City Council took another step Monday towards bringing streetcars to Cincinnati.

Council voted to approve almost $2.6 million for the project, but it put off a vote approving $64 million in bonds that would fund about half the project.

The vote was 6-2 on the 2.6 million for planning and development.

Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls, who voted in favor of the funding, says streetcars would lead to new business development.

"Since it connects the largest employment centers in the region, downtown and uptown and by that connection will open up those areas and the areas in between to residential, commercial and retail investment," said Qualls.

But councilmember Leslie Ghiz, who voted against the funding along with councilmember Chris Monzel, says there are too many other immediate financial concerns.

"I'm quite frankly shocked that the administration would bring this forward given the financial circumstances we're looking at," said Ghiz.

Councilmember Charlie Winburn abstained from voting.

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