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Ninety ash trees removed from Mariemont

By Dan Wells – email | bio

CINCINNATI (FOX19) – The Village of Mariemont and Ohio Department of Natural Resources are removing more than 90 ash trees from Wooster Pike and Center Street.

The trees were removed because they were infested with the Emerald Ash Borer, and it's not making residents in the community happy at all.

"There are probably 90 to 100 in a three street area and we will replace them all," said Dan Policastro, Mariemont Mayor.

Dozens of mature trees have been cut down and removed in just the past three weeks.

"This is a canopy street and I won't see that tree this size in my life time and it pretty sad," says Mike Smythe, a long time resident of Mariemont.

Smythe says Mariemont is a community known for its tree-lined streets and questions if this was the right move.

"It's appalling, it's a shame and the question that I ask again is are we doing the right thing, could we have taken action, could we have spent the money and run the risk... we are spending the money today and we know what the result is they are removing the trees," he said.

"You know if we treated them four or five times a year, we have about 100 of these trees it would have been about sixteen thousand dollars...every three or four months and that is not treating the taxpayer right, we just had to back up and start all over again and that is what we are doing," said Policastro.

Mariemont will replace the ash trees on Wooster Pike with elms and those in the Center Street area and on Beech Street with a variety of trees selected by residents.

The village is paying about $18,000 to have all the trees removed.

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