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Minivan flips with 9 people inside

I-75 downtown I-75 downtown

Update (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police say that 7 people went to the hospital after the van crash on northbound 75 near 9th street.  Six of them were treated for minor injuries, while a 7th, a 16-year-old girl, who police say was not wearing a seatbelt, remains in the hospital in stable condition.

Two other people never needed to go to the hospital at all.

Police say the driver, 37-year-old Fatia Ali of Fairmount, who also wasn't wearing a seatbelt, lost control of her vehicle and went off to the right, hitting a guardrail, which caused the minivan to fall onto its left side.  Early, police said this may have happened when she came up on stopped traffic.  Some witnesses thought the vehicle had been cut off, but police say they didn't find evidence of that.

Police areas still investigating the crash, which they say is alcohol-related.

Update (FOX19) -
An hour after the previous crashes, another two have been reported in different directions on I-71 or Route 50 north of I-471.

A witness reported a fatality in the largest of the crashes, on Northbound I-75 at north, but other witnesses report that everyone survived the crash. 

Cincinnati (FOX19) - At least three crashes happened on Downtown interstate highways shortly after this afternoon's Reds game, with another couple shortly after.

The crashes all happened on moderately wet roads.

The worst happened when a car flipped on northbound 75 near the over pass from 9th street downtown.  Many people were inside, and ambulances took victims to Children's and University hospitals.

That crash closed Northbound 75 and the 4th Street and 9th Street ramps from Downtown to northbound 75.

Meanwhile, a car spun out on north 71 coming out of Downtown.  That wasn't a big problem for traffic, and there were no reported injuries, but a tow truck had to be called.

There was also a report of a crash or crashes on the Westbound Fort Washington Way (I-71) and/or Northbound 75 at the 0.6 Mile Marker.  There was a report of what sounded like minor injuries to a child.

The biggest hit to traffic was that going from Kentucky into Ohio on 75.  As of shortly after the crash, that traffic was able to pass the scene of the most serious crash, but it was being forced to combine with all traffic coming from Fort Washington Way, which is to say all traffic trying to loop around Downtown on I-71, and all traffic trying to reach northbound 75 from I-471.

Traffic coming from Kentucky on 71-72 was backed up to Kyles Lane after the crash.

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