YWCA helping victims of domestic violence

By Rontina McCann - bio|email

CINCINNATI (Fox 19) -- "Shocking, very shocking," that is the reaction from neighbors in the complex where Jamie Belty lived in Hamilton. Neighbors shocked that violence happens in apartments close to their homes.

Theresa Singleton, from the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati, says abuse is everywhere. It is up to neighbors and family members of victims to see the signs and recognize what abuse is.

"Could be physical, psychological, sexual, financial, and it always includes a pattern of behavior and a lack of respect for a person's mind, body and spirit," Singleton says.

According to YWCA statistics, 7,200 women are abused in America every day. Domestic violence is the largest single cause of injury to women in this country.

Theresa says she can not comment on the attack in Hamilton because it is an open investigation, but she says survivors of abuse, like Jame Belty, have more than physical recovery ahead.

"Survivors don't fall in love with people who beat them up, so obviously there is going to be a sense of loss and grief."

If you are a victim of domestic violence, there are many resources available in the region.

You can contact the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati toll-free at 1-888-872-9259.

There are also shelters that serve Hamilton/Butler county and Clermont, Brown and Adams counties CLICK HERE for a link to find the YWCA closest to you.

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